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General Info


  • Wednesdays/ Fridays during lunch
  •  Room C16 (Mr. Yeroshek) 
  • Advisor: Mr. Yeroshek

Membership Requirements:

  • $5 entry fee. All ethnicities are welcome!


  • Length of time at FHS: As long as there have been Asians inhabiting this planet, an Asian Club has existed. 
  • Membership Amount of 2011-2012: 60 members

Asian Club

About Asian Club

 Welcome to Asian Club!

Asian Club is open to any student who is either from Asia or of Asian ancestry or students of any heritage who have an appreciation for Asian culture.  Our members come from a diversity of countries such as Japan, Korea, India, or China.  Joining Asian Club is a great way to engage in the languages, cultures, and nationalities of Asia!  
Why Join?
  • Opportunity to participate in Asian Day and Asian New Year
  • Annual San Francisco Trip
  • Immerse your life in cultural diversity
  • Learn more about the Asian culture


Asian Day 2012

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Major Events

  • International Day - Asian Day: Celebrating the Asian culture down at the quad. Members of Asian Club sing and perform a dance relating to the Asian culture. Vietnamese sandwiches are usually sold to celebrate the event.
  • Asian New Year: Celebrating the Asian New Year through song and dance. Vietnamese sandwiches usually sold.
  • Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco: Trip to San Francisco to enjoy the grand parade in Japantown. Students are able to explore the surrounding area and enjoy other festivities.
  • Homecoming Carnival: Fundraising event; members set up a booth in front of the stadium and sell candy and provide a game for enjoyment. 


  • Veronica Mendoza, Grade 12 (President)

Being in Asian Club for 3 years has been very interesting and the best memory has been going to San Francisco! Going to the Cherry Blossom Festival had been an amazing thing to see. Very fun Asian performances, very fun being in them. I think people should join because you get to go to SF and experience the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • Kimberlee Nguyen, Grade 12 (Member)

I have been in Asian Club for all four years of high school, and it has been fun! Going to SF three times is my favorite memory of the club. Of course, being able to perform for Asian Day two time has been an experience I won't forget.

  • Aileen Chhen, Grade 12 (Member)

My time in Asian Club has truly been an experience to remember. Asian Club has done an excellent job in spreading the Asian culture throughout Foothill High School. Most of our members would agree that the highlights are the annual field trips and various events, such as Asian Day and Asian New Year. Everyone is encouraged to join, regardless of ethnicity.

  • Vincent Le, Grade 12 (Member)

Being in Asian Club since freshman year, I think that it is a fun club to be a part of. International Week when we did performances and our trip to China Town in San Francisco. New friends and fun experiences.

  • Vivian Nguyen, Grade 12 (Member)

Although only being in Asian Club for two years, I've had a great time. I've made new friends and preparing for Asian Day is fun. Performing for Asian Club is enjoyable and a great opportunity. The performances are a memorable event for me.


Asian Day - 2009

Asian Day - 2009

Asian Day - Contest - 2009

Asian Day - Contest - 2009