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Faculty Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory


Aguilera, Victor Vice Principal
King, Heather Principal
Kirrene, Kenny Staff
Trokey, Tim Associate


Baxter, Colin (916) 566-3445 ex.26041 Head Counselor
Blackburn, Lori Sys Admin
Gutierrez, Alejandro ex.26046 Counselor


Aston, Josiah (916) 566-3445 ex.63433 Piano & Guitar Teacher
Barajas Mena, Ms. (916) 566-3445 ex.65559 ELD Teacher
Bare, Teresa Teacher
Barrett, Patricia Teacher
Beniga, Rufino (916) 566-3455 ex.65587 Teacher
Bloemker, Beckie (916) 566-3445 ex.65488 Teacher
Bordisso, Tamara Teacher
Boyd, Nona Teacher
Burns, Dave Teacher
Buzzard, Kristi Teacher
Cabarrubias, Chelsey Teacher
Clancy, Kevin Teacher
Cleverdon, Scott (916) 566-3445 ex.65511 Teacher
Cristian, Ronald Teacher
Daniels, Deborah Spanish Teacher
DAVIS, CJ Teacher
DeMayo, Exur Teacher
Dommer, Steve Teacher
Edmond, Emily Staff
Erwin, Ivilma Teacher
Felix, Stacia (916) 566-3445 ex.65571 Teacher
Gaiduk, Janet (916) 566-3445 ex.65564 Teacher
Guest, Johnny (916) 566-3445 ex.65476 Teacher
Hibbs, Andrew PE Teacher/Coach
Hopkins, Caroline Teacher
Jackson, Likah Teacher
Johnston, Stacey Teacher
Knight, George (916) 566-3445 ex.65513 10th / 11th Grade RSP Teacher
LAL, Ravikant Teacher
Lavrenov, Yuri Teacher
Ledesma, Martin Teacher
Lotempio, Staci Teacher
Lum III, William Teacher
Magno, Bryan Teacher
Marcom, Craig Teacher
Marful, Eric Teacher
McCauley, Meshal Teacher
McGarr, Tessa Teacher
Mendoza, Cheri (916) 566-3445 ex.65489 Teacher
Mongerson, Martin Teacher
Nickel, Mark Teacher
Olhiser, Hayden Teacher
Olmedo, Santa Teacher
Padda, Rajwinder (916) 566-3445 ex.64491 Teacher
Palmer, Mary Teacher
Perry, Lyudmila Teacher
RIvera, Roberto Teacher
Royal, Shywanda Staff
ROYAL, SHYWANDA (916) 566-3445 ex.65584 Teacher
Rupley, LeeAnn Teacher
Saltzen, Eric (916) 566-3445 ex.65495 Teacher
Stapp, Stacy (916) 566-3445 ex.65543 RSP Teacher
Switzler, Samantha Teacher
Tereschenko, Serge Staff
Trokey, Tim Associate
Trokey, Tim (916) 286-1343 Teacher
VANDENRAADT, Mr. Math Teacher
Voelzow, Sylvianne Teacher
Yeroshek, David Teacher
Young, Deborah Teacher


Ahern, Michelle School Psychologist
Bell, Eugene Staff
Brown, Robyn (916) 566-3445 ex.26043 Registrar
Burcataia, Galina Staff
calton, stephen (916) 346-2683 coach
Caudill, Margaret Staff
Cisneros, Daniel Staff
Clark, Mike Staff
Derevyanchuk, Yelena Staff
Esmatulla, Ruqia Staff
Eustace, Anthony Staff
Favrin, Jacqueline (916) 566-1600 ex.50526 Staff
Garcia, Susie Staff
Hibbs, Stacie Speech Language Pathologist
Jimenez, Samantha (916) 566-3445 ex.26096 Office Manager
Lombardo, Yolanda Staff
Miller, Cynthia Staff
Owens, Taquilla Staff
Shvachko, Serigy Staff
Sisk, Lisa Staff
Tereschenko, Serge Staff
Tucker, James Staff
Woods, Keisha Staff
Yan, Kiffin Staff


Eustace, Anthony Staff
Miller, Cynthia Staff
Tucker, James Staff